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Leadership Coaching

I help leaders uncover their unique leadership style, working with them to co-create a path to the career and organizational change they desire. My approach focuses not just on the milestones by which leaders define their continued success, but on gleaning insights from the day to day interactions that can transform their growth. 

How I can help



I explore each person’s unique set of skills, experiences, points of view, and professional needs to give them the key to unlock the next step in their career development.




I usher in a goal setting process that includes measurable objectives and outcomes that show proven results along the journey, on the way to major career milestone.




My program helps clients break down personal and professional barriers, allowing them to connect more authentically with their audiences, opening up opportunities at every turn.

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Are you ready to advance your leadership. Take the self assessment to give us an idea of how I can help.  

What you will gain


Executive coaching adds another partner to the personal leadership team. Together, we will identify and illuminate your unique leadership style that helps you to influence and inspire while reaching towards your specific goals. 




Working together will allow you to tap into the deep experience I have fostering transformative professional growth for both emerging and established leaders. 




I have a passion for advancing the leadership of women of color and marginalized communities, who face a unique set of circumstances in each work environment. Together with my clients, we create leadership systems that break ceilings, overcome challenges and move consistently and rapidly forward toward peak performance and career satisfaction. 

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